“Nature Lesson” in Italian

Italian writer Maria G. Di Rienzo published an Italian translation of “Nature Lesson,” a poem from Poisoned Apples, on her blog today:

“Una Lezione dalla Natura”

Il codice di abbigliamento dice
che dobbiamo coprirci
pantaloni larghi,
gonne che arrivino ben più in basso
delle nostre ginocchia lascive,
polo abbottonate sopra
l’orlo del burrone,
un barlume del quale può mandare un ragazzo
ad interrarsi in tali profondità
da non essere più in grado di risalire
sino all’algebra.
Noi diciamo
se un escursionista devia
dal sentiero, incespica e finisce sciancato,
è davvero
colpa del burrone?


In praise of my MFA program

I was recently interviewed by Hamline University to talk about their Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Young Adults (MFAC) program. Here are some of the things I had to say:

It set up my career by leaps and bounds. Not only would I have not devoted the concentrated time to my writing without it, it focused me and exposed me to faculty advisors who gave me permission to pursue avenues I wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

All of my best friends are people I met in the program. They take care of the whole person. You really feel part of something. The faculty are such gifted teachers and always accessible. It is the most nurturing place to be as a writer. It’s no wonder so many students tell me that the program completely changed their lives.

You can read the whole interview here. If you’ve ever thought about getting an MFA in writing with a focus on children’s and young adult literature Hamline is definitely a great option.

Not quite what I had in mind when I wrote this, but still…

“This just broke my brain.”

“You win the Internet.”


These are some of the reactions from my friends when they found out that a poem from Poisoned Apples was being used in a breast enlargement cream advertisement on eBay India.

My friend Debbie Nathan parsed the ad into a brand new poem that’s pretty good:

 From envying the college girl
with perfect set of breast
to being mocked as breastless
till date. That’s a lot
you’ve been through
The New Beauty Skin Breast Enlarging cream
promises your feminine right.